CSSA 2017-2018 - Google Drive
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CSSA 2017-2018 - Google Drive

CSSA 2017-2018 - Google Drive

  • 2016 Metamorphosis of the Mind Back Design
  • 2016 Metamorphosis of the Mind Front Design
  • 2017 Cognition at Work Shirt Design


Published: June 6, 2017 0 0 470
By: Fernando Cortez, University of California San Diego
Category: Fundraising
Hashtags: #CogntiveScience #CSSA #Designandinteraction #Fundraising #HCI_Design #NationalConference #Organization

*In Progress* All information regarding CSSA fundraising ideas and events.
Duties include:
- Overseeing fund committee
- Research ideas -> order fundraising products -> execute plans
- Work closely with PR and Webmaster to advertise events
- Work with president and treasurer to ensure all funds deposited in Chase bank account no later than 2 business days after event
- Maintain detailed history of each event
- Total cost and funds raised
- Work closely with undergraduate advisor, Prof Rossano, and department liaison, Thanh Maxwell
- Let Jenny/Katie know about room reservation. (email them for room reservation)
- Communicate with Logistics chair (if I i need them to reserve library walk)
- Communicate with Treasurer (for money)