Intro to Critical Theory
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Intro to Critical Theory

Intro to Critical Theory


Published: June 17, 2017 0 0 196
By: Neil Bascos, University of California San Diego
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Project 2 Overview Document

Project Submitted by: Justin Bascos

Project General Subject Topic: Critical Theory

General background of video lecture: This video was designed to provide an introduction to Critical Theory-- its background, what it’s not about, the historic context that precipitated its formation, historical examples of its application, and contemporaneous examples

Video I have created:
Video Name : Introduction to Critical Theory
Description : A video aimed at introducing what critical theory is and how it can be applied to create social change
After Watching this Video Learners will be able to...
-recount historical roots of this framework
-see how it can be applied to rethink history
-find ways to use it as an intervention in ongoing oppressive events

References Used:
I used as a historical reference to the compton cookout
An hour video lecture about critical theory used as a base reference
Another hour lecture about critical theory used as a base reference

This project was designed to be a part of a Social Justice centered class i’ll be teaching next year. Thus this is the first in a series about Critical Theory.

This is just an introduction to critical theory-- not designed to go into depth about it; rather, give its historical background and several examples of how this type of thinking can be applied

The slides are designed to be in the following order:
(1) Explain what it is
(2) Explain what it’s not
(3) Its historical background
(4) Its methodology
(5) Its application to a historical example
(6) Its application to a modern/contemporaneous example

Though the video surpassed 7 min, a topic as complex as critical theory (an entire body of knowledge and critique) deserves to have more time.